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Ligand: (R)-flurbiprofen
Comments: Tarenflurbil or R-flurbiprofen, is the single enantiomer of the racemate NSAID . Research and trials
Bioactivity comments: Mechanism of action thought to be gamma secretase modulation but no quantitiative data reported.
Ligand: begacestat
Comments: gamma-secretase inhibitor (GSI) for Alzheimer's Disease that selectively inhibits cleavage of APP over
Bioactivity comments: gamma-secretase function, and displaces a tritiated analog of GSI 953 from enriched gamma-secretase
Ligand: PF-3084014
Comments: PF 3084014 is compound 14f in where it is described as a centrally active -secretase
Bioactivity comments: In a whole cell assay PF 3084014 inhibits -secretase activity with an IC50 of 1.2
Ligand: CHF-5074
Comments: gamma-secretase modulator (GSM). These are small molecules (<600 Da) causing a product shift from
Bioactivity comments: Note as a GSM the potency of gamma secretase inhibition is low
Ligand: RO4929097
Comments: RO4929097 as an inhibitor of -secretase, was originally developed for Alzheimer's disease but based
Bioactivity comments: RO4929097 strongly inhibits -secretase enzyme activity.
Ligand: semagacestat
Comments: Semagacestat is a small-molecule -secretase inhibitor that was developed by Eli Lilly as a
Bioactivity comments: Shows potent Inhibition of gamma secretase-mediated amyloid beta (1 to 40) production in vitro
Family: Notch receptors
(Concise view) family overview: ...The canonocal Notch signalling pathway has four type I transmembrane Notch receptors (Notch1 4) and...
Ligand: ELND006
Bioactivity comments: Gamma secretase inhibition reported as Notch-sparing
Ligand: avagacestat
Comments: gamma-secretase inhibitor designed for the selective inhibition of A-beta generation relative to Notch
Ligand: AZ4800
Comments: gamma secretase modulators . It has recently been used for targeting amyloid production in a mouse

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