Inositol monophosphatase C

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Inositol monophosphatase (E.C., IMPase, myo-inositol-1(or 4)-phosphate phosphohydrolase) is a magnesium-dependent homodimer which hydrolyses myo-inositol monophosphate to generate myo-inositol and phosphate. Glycerol may be a physiological phosphate acceptor. Li+ is a nonselective un-competitive inhibitor more potent at IMPase 1 (pKi ca. 3.5, [3]; pIC50 3.2, [4]) than IMPase 2 (pIC50 1.8-2.1, [4]). IMPase activity may be inhibited competitively by L690330 (pKi 5.5, [3]), although the enzyme selectivity is not yet established.


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