"NC-IUPHAR" is the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology Committee on Receptor Nomenclature and Drug Classification. The mission for NC-IUPHAR was initiated in 1987 at the Xth International Congress of Pharmacology. In 1989, the Executive Committee of IUPHAR named Paul Vanhoutte (Hong Kong) as chairman of a revised and enlarged committee. This committee energetically expanded its activities and the number of subcommittees (to 33), eventually producing the first official compendium on the occasion of the XIIIth International Congress of Pharmacology at Munich in 1998. Robert Ruffolo (USA) was Chairman of NC-IUPHAR from 1998-2002. Michael Spedding (France) became Chairman in 2002 and was elected again in 2006 and 2010.

NC-IUPHAR has the objectives of:

  1. Issuing guidelines for the nomenclature and classification of all the (human) biological targets, including all the targets of current and future prescription medicines;
  2. Facilitating the interface between the discovery of new sequences from the Human Genome Project and the designation of the derived entities as functional biological targets and potential drug targets;
  3. Designating polymorphisms and variants which are functionally important;

Annual report

For more information on NC-IUPHAR's activities, please download the latest NC-IUPHAR annual report in PDF.

Datbase Reports: We also provide downloads of our bi-annual Database Reports, these can be found on our Downloads page.

NC-IUPHAR membership

Executive Committee

Stephen Alexander, UK (Chair) - Cannabinoid receptors, transporters, endocannabinoid turnover, hydrogen sulphide turnover
Arthur Christopoulos, Australia (Deputy Chair) - G protein-coupled receptors; analytical pharmacology; allosteric modulation; biased agonism; drug discovery; neuropharmacology
Anthony P. Davenport, UK (Funding Liaison)
Doriano Fabbro, Switzerland (Industry Liaison) - Kinases and their biology, kinase inhibitors, drug discovery, pharmacology of drugs (kinase inhibitors) in the indication oncology, biology of oncology
Adam J. Pawson, UK (Executive Secretary)

Core Members

Stephen Alexander, UK - Cannabinoid receptors, transporters, endocannabinoid turnover, hydrogen sulphide turnover
Arthur Christopoulos, Australia (GPCRs Liaison) - G protein-coupled receptors; analytical pharmacology; allosteric modulation; biased agonism; drug discovery; neuropharmacology
John Cidlowski, USA (NHRs Liaison) - Glucocorticoid receptor signaling; apoptosis and the immune system
Anthony P. Davenport, UK (Chair Evolving Pharmacology, GPCRs Liaison)
Doriano Fabbro, Switzerland - Kinases and their biology, kinase inhibitors, drug discovery, pharmacology of drugs (kinase inhibitors) in the indication oncology, biology of oncology
Kozo Kaibuchi, Japan
Yoshikatsu Kanai, Japan - Transporters, amino acid signals, epithelial function, cancer biology
Francesca Levi-Schaffer, Israel - eosinophils and mast cells as effector cells in allergic inflammation: characterization of new receptors/ligands, hypoxia/angiogenesis and eosinophils, asthma, atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, immunopharmacological modulation of allergic diseases by bispecific recombinant antibodies, bacteria interactions with eosinophils and mast cells, the allergic effector unit, mast cell derived tumors: new antibody based treatment, the allergic inflammation and the resolvome, non IgE-mediated mast cell activation in diseases
Eliot H. Ohlstein, USA (Editor) - Drug discovery and development, urogenital biology, cardiovascular/metabolic medicine
John A. Peters, UK (LGICs Liaison)
Alex Phipps, UK - Oncology, Clinical Pharmacology, Biologics and Immunotherapy
Joerg Striessnig, Austria (VGICs Liaison) - Physiology, pharmacology and pathophysiological role of voltage-gated calcium channels

Ex Officio

Sam J. Enna, USA (IUPHAR President) - Neuropharmacology
Michael Spedding, France (IUPHAR Secretary-General) - Neurodegeneration, neuroinflammation, neuroscience, sports science, drug discovery and development, pharmacology
Petra Thürmann, Germany (IUPHAR Treasurer) - Geriatric Clinical Pharmacology, Polypharmacy, Intervention trials, Clinical trials, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacoepidemiology
Amrita Ahluwalia, UK (BJP Editor-in-Chief) - Exploration of the impact of inflammation on cardiovascular function and the mechanisms involved in this phenomenon with a view to identifying novel targets and therapeutics. 
Elspeth Bruford, UK (HGNC Group Coordinator) - Gene nomenclature; genome annotation; orthology; gene families; biocuration; bioinformatics
Simon Maxwell, UK (IUPHAR Pharmacology Education Project Co-Director)
Jamie Davies, UK (Database Chair/Principal Investigator) - Developmental Biology, Tissue Engineering, Synthetic Biology
Joanna L. Sharman, UK (Senior Database Developer)
Simon Harding, UK (Database Developer - Immunopharmacology)
Adam J. Pawson, UK (Senior Database Curator)
Christopher Southan, Sweden (Senior Cheminformatician/Database Curator - Immunopharmacology) - Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics and proteases
Elena Faccenda, UK (Database Curator - Immunopharmacology)
Jane Armstrong, UK (Database Curator - Malaria Pharmacology)
Toni Wigglesworth, UK (Project Administrator)

Past Chairs (ex officio)

Paul Vanhoutte, China - Importance of endothelial cells in the control of the underlying vascular smooth muscle in vascular health and disease, and to highlight the complexity of that regulation
Robert R. Ruffolo, USA

Corresponding Members

Susan Amara, USA - "Regulation of transporter function and trafficking by amphetamines, Structure-function relationships in excitatory amino acid transporters (EAATs), Modulation of dopamine transporters (DAT) by GPCRs, Genetics and functional analyses of human trace amine receptors"
Tom I. Bonner, USA (Past Core Member) - Genomics, G protein coupled receptors
Michel Bouvier, Canada - Molecular Pharmacology of G protein-Coupled Receptors; Molecular mechanisms controlling the selectivity and efficacy of GPCR signalling
Thomas Burris, USA - Nuclear Receptor Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
William A. Catterall, USA (Past Core Member) - The Molecular Basis of Electrical Excitability
Steven Charlton, UK - Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
Moses Chao, USA - Mechanisms of Neurotophin Receptor Signaling
Mark Coles, UK - Cellular differentiation, human embryonic stem cells, stromal cells, haematopoietic stem cells, organogenesis, lymphoid microenvironments, develomental immunology
Steven L. Colletti, USA
Graham L Collingridge, UK
Philippe Delerive, France - Metabolic Research (diabetes, obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver, cardio-vascular diseases, nuclear hormone receptor, GPCRs, kinases)
Sir Colin T. Dollery, UK (Founder and Past Core Member)
Richard M. Eglen, UK
Stephen M. Foord, UK
David Gloriam, Denmark - GPCRs, databases, computational drug design, orphan recetpors
Gillian Gray, UK
Debbie Hay, New Zealand - G protein-coupled receptors, peptide receptors, CGRP, Amylin, Adrenomedullin, Migraine, Diabetes/obesity
Allyn C. Howlett, USA
Franz Hofmann, Germany - Voltage dependent calcium channels and the positive inotropic effect of beta adrenergic stimulation; cardiovascular function of cGMP protein kinase
Yu Huang, China - Endothelial and Metabolic Dysfunction, and Novel Biomarkers in Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and Estrogen Deficiency, Endothelium-derived Contracting Factors in the Regulation of Vascular Tone, Adipose Tissue Regulation of Vascular Function in Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension, Pharmacological Characterization of New Anti-diabetic and Anti-hypertensive Drugs, Hypotensive and antioxidant Actions of Biologically Active Components of Traditional Chinese Herbs and Natural Plants including Polypehnols and Ginsenosides
Adriaan P. IJzerman, The Netherlands - G protein-coupled receptors; allosteric modulation; binding kinetics
Michael F Jarvis, USA - Purines and Purinergic Receptors and Voltage-gated ion channel (sodium and calcium) pharmacology Pain mechanisms Research Reproducibility
Bong-Kiun Kaang, Republic of Korea - G protein-coupled receptors; Glutamate receptors; Neuropsychiatric disorders
Eamonn Kelly, Prof, UK - Molecular Pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors, in particular opioid receptors, regulation of GPCRs by kinasis and arrestins
Terry Kenakin, USA - Drug receptor pharmacodynamics, receptor theory
Janos Kiss, Hungary - Neurodegenerative disorders, Alzheimer's disease
Stefan Knapp, Germany - Rational design of highly selective inhibitors (so call chemical probes) targeting protein kinases as well as protein interaction inhibitors of the bromodomain family
Andrew Knight, UK
Chris Langmead, Australia - Drug discovery, GPCRs, neuroscience and analytical pharmacology
Vincent Laudet, France (Past Core Member) - Evolution of the Nuclear Receptor/Ligand couple
Margaret R. MacLean, UK - Serotonin, endothelin, estrogen, microRNAs and pulmonary hyperten
Neil Marrion, UK - Calcium-activated potassium channels, neuronal excitability
Fiona Marshall, UK - GPCR molecular pharmacology, structure and drug discovery
Alistair Mathie, UK - Ion channel structure, function and regulation, pain and the nervous system
Ian McGrath, UK - Adrenoceptors; autonomic transmission; vascular pharmacology
Graeme Milligan, UK - Structure, function and regulation of G protein-coupled receptors
Richard Neubig, USA (Past Core Member) - G protein signaling; academic drug discovery
Stefan Offermanns, Germany - G protein-coupled receptors, vascular/metabolic signaling
Richard Olsen, USA - Structure and function of GABA-A receptors; mode of action of GABAergic drugs including general anesthetics and ethanol
Jean-Philippe Pin, France (Past Core Member) - GPCR - mGLuR - GABAB -structure function relationship - pharmacology - biophysics
Helgi Schiöth, Sweden
David Searls, USA - Bioinformatics
Graeme Semple, USA - GPCR Medicinal Chemistry
Patrick M. Sexton, Australia - G protein-coupled receptors
Roland Staal, USA - Microglia and neuroinflammation in neuropathic pain and neurological disorders
Bart Staels, France - Nuclear receptor signaling in metabolic and cardiovascular diseases
Katerina Tiligada, Greece - Immunopharmacology, histamine, histamine receptors, hypersensitivity, drug allergy, inflammation
Georg Terstappen, Germany - Drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases with a focus on AD
Mary Vore, USA - Activity and regulation of expression and function of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters

Clinical Translational Pharmacology Group

Edward Bullmore, UK
Robert Dow, UK
Garrett Fitzgerald, USA - Prostanoid biology and the role of peripheral molecular clocks in cardiovascular biology, metabolism and aging
Alex Phipps, UK - Oncology, Clinical Pharmacology, Biologics and Immunotherapy
Patrick du Souich, Canada - Cytochrome P450, membrane carriers, disease, inflammation, rational use of drugs, clinical pharmacology
David J. Webb, UK - hypertension, chronic kidney disease, endothelial function and dysfunction, arterial stiffness, health technology assessment, medicines regulation
Don Birkett, Australia - Clinical pharmacology/pharmacokinetics and drug utilisation


NC-IUPHAR subcommittee membership and a list of database contributors may be found on the Contributors page.